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Friday, July 29, 2005

Build-to-Order Computer: Insane Components Prices

Why would it cost $750 to upgrade your laptop from 256MB of DDR RAM to 2GB of DDR RAM, when 2x1GB laptop DDR modules will only set you back less than $230 from NewEgg? Why does IBM charge $320 for a single 1GB DDR module, when a similar one can be had at NewEgg for just $115? Those are some of the most egregious examples I've found, but all manufacturers I've looked at have done that.

Mind you, this upgrade can be installed in minutes using over the counter parts. You don't have to be a high priest of computerology to pull this off. For the other laptop manufacturers, why persist in overcharging for simple memory upgrades? I can do it myself (and most everyone who buys a laptop and wants high memory
does exactly that
, and posts it on their blog). And it's not just memory, this overcharging applies to pretty much any sort of over the counter part.

I also know that before the sale takes place is often when a company is most pleasant to the buyer. Why should I expect quality tech support from the laptop manufacturer if they're trying to screw me during the buying process? They're not even going to wait until the laptop breaks and
the customer needs them

Why? Because they figure most people who buy laptops don't want to open them up and fiddle with them? They're taking advantage of their position as mailing out a closed case that buyers won't want to open?

Is there some other conceivable reason? It looks to me like they just hate their customers.

Are there any manufacturers who don't do this? I'd rather buy from one of those.


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