D. Herbert

Friday, July 29, 2005

Failure of the Imagination

In yesterday's S.F. Chron. Letters to the Editor, there is a particularly bad entry:

The other thing that struck me was the failure of the Israeli to see beyond the violence to try to understand what caused it. His solution was the separation barrier, which simply enrages the Palestinians even more: the barrier is being mostly built on Palestinian land, separating Palestinians from each other and their sources of livelihood. The Israelis are truncating their territorial ambitions, but the Palestinians are expected to simply give in.

The obvious: it is perverse to blame the barrier for the bomb attacks that it actually thwarts. There were bomb attacks before the barrier and there will continue to be bomb attacks with the barrier in place--but they will be fewer in number. Would there really be fewer bomb attempts if the fence was entirely inside the green line as opposed to cutting into Palestinian territory in certain places? Would the Palestinians accept that fence, and stop trying to blow up Israel? If that were the case, why would Israel have needed to build the fence in the first place?

Less obvious: Does the anti-Israel crowd really care about whether Palestinians are free to enter into Israel to work for Israeli companies, supporting the Israeli economy? If they think Israel is such an evil, capitalist, colonialist enterprise, why are they so eager to have Palestinians work there?

Less obvious: What's really offensive about this (and the only reason I decided to blog it) is the idea that the Israelis have failed to comprehend the Palestinian viewpoint. The main newspaper in Israel is Ha'aretz, which is to the left of the S.F. Chron. Every day Israelis have been exposed to the left-wing viewpoint. Why do you think they went through with the Oslo Accords, and then gave the Road Map a chance?

The only failure of imagination here is of peaceniks who can't comprehend that the Israelis have given peace a chance and that the Palestinians are indoctrinating children from a young age to believe the most horrible lies.


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