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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Boston Globe Reminds You...

That you might have a transsexual baby.

No, really:
...is as misguided as the Gender Mentor Kit's mistaking sex for gender
Thanks, BG, I'll send off emails right now to remind all of the pregnant women I know of this possibility.
Some prochoice advocates argue, as Rutgers law professor Kimberly Mutcherson told Newhouse News Service, ''if you believe women have the right to choose, [selecting sex] is a perfectly legitimate reason."
Under our current law, women can have abortions for any reason, up until the baby is born (limits to cases of "medical necessity" are easily bypassed). So killing babies of a certain sex is perfectly legal. In fact, it's legal to get pregnant just so you can have an abortion.
The right to choose neither includes nor implies a right to design; Roe secures a woman's decision to ''bear and beget a child," not a right to configure its human attributes.
I don't think this is correct. The right to abortion can be used to kill off defective babies (mental retardation, cleft palate, etc.). To that extent, women are allowed to take attributes of their baby into account when making the decision to abort. Since women are allowed to get abortions for any reason, the Boston Globe can't claim that some reasons are not protected by law. Or can they? They're just making up the Constitution as they go along.

Does the Boston Globe want an increased government role in limiting abortion? Do they want a Motives Police to make sure women are pure of heart when they seek their abortions?


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