D. Herbert

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Total War on the DLC

Kos declares war on the DLC: (via LGF)
Two more weeks, folks, before we take them on, head on.

No calls for a truce will be brooked. The DLC has used those pauses in the past to bide their time between offensives. Appeals to party unity will fall on deaf ears (it's summer of a non-election year, the perfect time to sort out internal disagreements).

We need to make the DLC radioactive. And we will. With everyone's help, we really can. Stay tuned.
Total war ("[no] truce will be brooked") against a political entity? I am curious as to what this will look like.

Is it just going to be a conventional whiner campaign (criticize every aspect of the DLC, loudly and repeatedly) magnified by the sheer number of Kos's followers? It would be surprising if this wasn't part of the campaign.

But the real question is, what else is there?

Does Kos have some sort of "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" style attack campaign planned, driven by people who have firsthand knowledge of the DLC?

In a similar vein, does Kos have some sort of insider information/scandal that he can use draw the DLC out and then expose them?

Both of those seem doubtful, because they would require people to be organized and secrets to be kept...

So what does Kos have? What can he possibly do to convince ordinary Democrats to abandon the DLC? Whatever it is, he is doing a good job of keeping it secret.

I like Charles' countdown idea, because these "secret plans" have a way of never materializing, but to be fair, Kos said two weeks, not "14 days." So I'll give him 17 days...


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