D. Herbert

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Who Will Frame Roger Rabbit?

First, calling the villain "Judge Doom" gives him far too much respect. From here on out, we have to start calling him "Dipper Doom."

We have to relate this story to the city at large, not to any one particular 'toon. We shouldn't even use the rabbit's name.

The big story is not about the rabbit, or Jessica's infidelity, or even Dipper Doom--it's about the turpentine and the freeways. Toxic chemicals, anti-'toon violence, industrial development! Dipper Doom out of 'Toontown!

We can incorporate all of this into the short and simple title: "Who Dipped TrolleyGate?", which conveys and emphasizes the important information. Once we frame this issue properly, there's no way we can lose.


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