D. Herbert

Monday, August 01, 2005

Why this Matters

John Bolton is going to hurt America's image at the U.N., by offending all of these people:

Kofi Annan will be fuming mad, as soon as he gets done counting his money (which could take a while, because while no one is sure just how much he made off with, we are sure there is a lot of it).

Russia and China will be offended that Bush decided to cheapen the U.N. by making a naked power move in our national interest, instead of doing what's right for the world.

France will find a way to slight us in revenge for this, but we won't know it at the time, because they will disguise it as a slight for something else. And we will feel very slighted. France will continue to gun down unarmed protesters as France is wont to do.

The members of the Commission on Human Rights will be very offended, as soon as they stop committing human rights abuses against people in their own countries, and funding terrorism abroad.

The U.N. peacekeepers will have to take a break from raping children and from taking a break defending safe zones to contemplate how Bush has insulted them.

The U.N. General Assembly will be offended as soon as it gets done issuing a new condemnation of Israel.


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